Writing a no code accountability tracker

Well hello friends!

I had started a few personal projects a while back and they are not going anywhere. I usually work on them whenever I get sudden boost of energy or motivation, and that just happens once in a blue moon! The last time I worked on my project was 4 months ago! This has to change!

I have been reading atomic habbits along with some friends of mine! We meet on tuesday mornings and read some pages and take some tasks to implement the lessons in our lives. So, this tuesday, we were on chapter 3, where the author talked about a four step framework that is needed to form a habbit. The four steps are:

  1. Identifying the habbit that we want to form
  2. Making it attractive
  3. Making it easy
  4. Making it satisfying

So, we all decided that we will pick one habbit that we want to have in our lives and will share with each other! I am blessed to have such nice friends around!

So, lets just walk through how I want to incorporate this framework in my life!

The Habbit!

So, I decided that I want to work on my personal projects everyday! Even small 15 minutes of progress is also fine. I just want to work on them everyday and make that a habbit!

Making it Attractive!

I have very recently learnt the power of tracking progress by marking attendance of anything that I want to do. It started with me being accountable to my friends about my nutrition. So, I share with them what I had the entire day. That process is very attractive to me! I have been able to eat clean for the past 3 weeks!

So, I want to use the same method of tracking progress by logging updates on Notes app on my iPhone. Why did I chose this specific app? because it’s easy to sync across devices and I can share it with my accountability partner who will get alerts whenever I update it!

So, let’s see how I have set it up!

Following is the screenshot of the note:


Its a simple note, which I have called Progress Log - Rajat . It has 4 columns, which I will be filling up everyday!

Lets move on to the next two steps!

Making it Easy!

I will break down my projects to very well defined tasks. I will be defining them in such a way that there is no ambiguity when I pick them up. I should be able to read all the details that I want to implement and should be able to do so by just reading about that task. By doing this, I will be able to jump straight into action. I have given up so many times just because whenever I used to sit to work on them, I just ended up procrastinating because I didn’t have a well defined plan. But not any more! I will have a plan for myself!

The next thing that I will do is have an accountability partner (AP). I want my AP, to hold me accountable, but for that he/she will have to know that I have missed my tasks on some day. I want to automate that process. I want them to receive a whatsApp text by 10:30 PM, if I haven’t logged into my Progress Log. and I also don’t want to write code for it!

This is where I realised that I have such a powerful tool just at my fingertips. ios has this app called Shortcuts which can automate such tasks. So, I just created a tracker and have configured it to run at 10:30 PM everyday!

This video shows how I created my tracker:

New video by Rajat Asthana

I am sharing my tracker so that anyone can just use it!


You can just add it to your shortcuts and update the recipient name and it will be done!

Now, that we have a tracker set-up, we need to automatically trigger it at 10:30 PM.

This video will show how I automated my shortcut:

New video by Rajat Asthana

Now, on to the last step!

Making it satisfying!

I believe the entire process of logging is really very satisfying. I will also write blogs whenever I will reach certain milestones. Plus, having an accountability partner monitoring my progress will also be great motivator!

So, yeah that’s how I am going to form this habit of working everyday on some of my personal projects!

Thanks for reading :)